“At Bristol” Installation

The Dockers’ Window

“At Bristol” Installation As revellers, theatre goers or people working late at the office make their way across Bristol’s Millennium Square, a voice from the darkness will draw their attention “You!”. And there on the plate glass window of Explore At Bristol (the ultra modern hands-on science centre in the heart of the Harbourside) ghostly images of dockers from Bristol’s past will emerge and recede.
This installation will consist of a video projection onto the doors of the café, with accompanying soundtrack. The film will depict dockers moving forward out of darkness until they hear that they have been picked for a day’s labour. The atmospheric and evocative piece is intended to encapsulate a core memory which emerged in many interviews, of the “Pen” and those moments of uncertainty for working dockers. The installation will run throughout the night on a looped DVD.

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» www.ignitionfilms.org

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