Installations in Münster

A place will live as long as memories nourish it …
Three installations from July 21 st to July 26 th

Old Public Baths 2
In the schoolyard of the Overberg School at Magaretenstraße/Wolbeckerstraße
Sat/Sun from 11:00 to 20:00
Mon–Wed from 17:00 to 20:00

Stadtbad 2 For long years, the Public Baths 2 (Stadtbad 2) had been a place of cleaning, especially in the prewar, war, and postwar period. It was not unusual for people to have to queue on Fridays and Saturdays — an occasion that was used to exchange the latest gossip.
The Public Baths were a small, yet important communication center. Here you’d get the neighbourhood news, small and big stories. That is what inpired us to recreate the place.
In an abstract bath house atmosphere, you can listen to the stories of the old inhabitants of the quarter, about the baths, and about their neighbourhood, the Heart of Jesus Quarter (Herz Jesu Viertel, or Klein Muffi). The sound sculpture is supposed to inspire the visitors to communicate themselves. The schoolyard, a meeting place of the young, will become a meeting place of generations.

Broadcasting van, Radio Münsterland, wavelength 410

At the Stadtwerke square, near Hafenweg
Daily from 16:00 to 21:30

Radio Wohnwagen ”Attention, attention, this is Radio Münsterland, wavelength 410!“ In October 1924, the first broadcasting station in western Germany went into operation in Münster. For a lot of people, it was an inexplicable phenomenon: where did the invisible sounds come from? To satisfy their curiosity, people huddled up with headphones in front of the early receivers. Soon, the wireless became one of the most important sources of nationwide news and information. Then, it became an instrument of mass manipulation, used by the Nazis as well as by the British, who tried to counteract misinformation and organise resistance.
There are lots of small and big stories about the first broadcasting station in Münster that was located at the present Stadtwerke building. Families and whole neighbourhoods gathered in front of the receivers to listen to transmissions of life concerts of local heroes, radio plays, and sporting events.
At the Stadtwerke square, the sound sculpture Broadcasting van, Radio Münsterland, wavelength 410 will broadcast old and new stories in a cuddly fifties atmosphere.

Café Servatii

Esplanade / Salzstrasse
Daily from 22:00 to 1:00

Café Servatii Dancing events always remain present in the memories of older citizens. Among others, the Café Servatii was often mentioned. The video installation will be set up in the place of the former Café Servatii (now Bistro Alex), near the esplanade (the former city walls/rampart) that is today mainly used by cyclists and pedestrians. In front of the café, three video projectors will project dancing couples onto the adjacent trees and esplanade.
The couples are shadow dancers, who turn and dance in the wind and darkness. They are broken up by the passing-by pedestrians and cyclists, a fascinating game with the shadows of the past.

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