Artists: Lisa Glahn, Peter Simon
Concept: Lisa Glahn
Research: Lisa Glahn, Franjo Hülck
Director of Photography: Franjo Hülck
Production: Winfried Bettmer, Filmwerkstatt Münster
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Lisa Glahn, Münster Lisa Glahn
Actress, director, film-maker.
Since 1994: shorts & documentaries for e.g. 3sat, WDR.
Several radio features.
Media workshops with socially disadvantaged youth.
khorafilm [at] lisaglahn.de

Peter Cesary Simon
Sound & video artist.
1995-2000: Student at Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne.
2000-2004: Assistant at the KHM’s sound department
Wrote several radio plays for the WDR, sound installations and
compositions for industry and government, theatre and film.

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