Vision in three dimensions

Trans-generations in Strasbourg

Principle of diffusion / split screen We are presenting a video portrait of three families from Strasbourg and their walks through the city. It shows the memory of Strasbourg through the eyes of three families, and, within those three families, through the eyes of three generations (the grandfather, the father, the son; and the great-grandmother, the grandmother, the daughter; and the grandmother, the daughter, the granddaughter).
The goal of this project is to follow three very different families and, within each family, to find three persons meeting each other, crossing each other, and experiencing the city in a different way.

The principle of diffusion means to juxtapose three screens and to synchronise them. It is an audio video installation, which projects three films at the same time, allowing for a simple way to follow three persons in parallel, and to show three different places from three different angles, or at three distinct different times.

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