About the project

Αθήνα—Athína · Bristol · Münster · Padova · Strasbourg

The project started from considerations linked to the term of territory and its development during the last sixty years. The cities have changed a lot, especially after World War II, when the economy progressively developed from an agricultural/industrial system to a services system.

Thus, we were thinking about giving places the symbolic chance to get back, to find their own recent memory. We have to explore the signs left during the passage from the modernity to the post modernity. We engaged five artists from five European cities (Münster, Bristol, Athens, Strasbourg and Padua) to realise installations starting from interviewing people, collecting “archaeological fragments”, memories of what people have been experiencing. Not an institutional memory, but a personal, intimate, archaeological fragment, that the artists then transform to a universal memory.

The work of the artists will mark significant moments in the cities’ developments. After the elaboration of the materials collected, they will present exemplary works of art to the citizens.
This project was developed from the precedent European project “Memory 2000”.

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